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Freedom of artistic expression has its legal basis in the general right to freedom of expression and is a prerequisite for the freedom of the arts.

Artistic Freedom Watch is a platform where visual artists or others engaged in the visual arts scene, for example as an exhibition organizer or state, regional or municipal official , can report if you have experienced restrictions in artistic freedom/freedom of expression. This means that you have experienced stated or unstated demands to change or remove content and expressions in a work, an exhibition, a project or in another context ,without an objective reason (saklig grund).

You can also report on events that you have experienced.

  • that are in conflict with the arm’s length principle, that is politicians trying to influence the artistic expression and/or the choice of art
  • that are discriminatory
  • threats, hatred or harassment
  • that in other ways have limited the freedom of artistic expressions

ATTENTION! Always report threats, violence and harassment to the police. If you have been subjected to threats, violence and harassment, it is important that you report this to the police as quickly as possible. Let the police determine whether or not you have been the victim of a crime. Explain that the threat took place in your professional practice as an artist, because the police call this crimes against democracy and it gives the police completely different options for handling your report.

You can read more at the Swedish Arts Grants Committee

Artistic Freedom Watch is a platform for continuously collecting information in order to get a more comprehensive picture of the limitations in artistic freedom that professionals in the visual and formal arts field experience in Sweden. The platform has been initiated by the Artists' National Organization and is part of our work to protect artistic freedom and to create awareness and arouse opinion on the issue – read more about this work here.

The information received will be used for anonymized analyzes and compilations / reports that will be published on the Artists' National Organization's website. No data will be tied to individual person or location.

The processing of provided information will only take place on legal grounds and/or after your consent is given in connection with submitting your report.

ATTENTION! The platform only collects information. We do not engage as legal representatives in reported cases.